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The National Scholarship Division (NSD) at SITESA is pleased to advertise and invite applications from Solomon Islands Citizens only for Scholarship Awards that will be made available in 2023. These are full awards funded by the Solomon Islands Government with the aim to train its citizens with relevant skills that would support economic and social growth and prosperity in the country. The details of the spaces for each category and location of academic institutions are indicated in the Scholarship Information sheet, which all applicants can access online application on this website.

Applicants can apply for qualification levels from certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and phd in one of the priority areas listed in the table extracted from the 2022-2023 National Education Training Plan.

The Online Scholarship Application is now closed

Notice on the P.R.C Government Scholarship opportunities for Solomon Students 2023/2024

The Government of People’s Republic of China will provide thirty (30) full scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs for Solomon Islands (SI) Students to study in China the beginning of the Academic year 2023/2024.

Qualification Requirement:

Undergraduate Program:

  • Be a Solomon Islands Citizen & in Good health both mentally and physically.
  • Be under age of 25 years.
  • Grade Twelve (12) with aggregate range of (4-10) for school based.
  • And or Grade Thirteen (13) with Academic performance of GPA 3.0 (school based) and GPA 3.8 for upgrade students.

Master’s Program:

  • Be a Solomon Islands Citizen& in Good health.
  • Be under age of 35 years.
  • Able to meet Admission requirements at the Masters level.
  • Have exceptional Academic Standing.

Doctoral Program:

  • Be a Solomon Islands Citizen& in Good health both mentally and physically.
  • Be under age of 40 years.
  • Able to meet Admission requirements at the Doctoral level.
  • Have exceptional Academic Standing

Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skills Authority

Welcome to the Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skills Authority (SITESA) website. SITESA was established under the SITESA Act which was gazetted in 2019 which provides for the establishment of a statutory authority under the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development. Under the Act, the strategic aim of the new Authority is to provide leadership and to facilitate higher quality tertiary education and vocational skills delivery designed to meet the future needs of Solomon Islands for a highly skilled and productive workforce. SITESA has responsibility for implementing the Government’s new Tertiary Education and Skills Policy, Scholarships Policy and National Tertiary Education and Skills Plan. These Policies provide the legal mandate and governing instruments for the management of the tertiary education and skills sector. SITESA will be responsible for the promotion, planning, capacity development and coordination of the tertiary education and skills sector and ensuring our country has a high quality and internationally respected tertiary system. SITESA manages the implementation of the new national qualifications framework and quality assurance system; regulates and quality assures all tertiary providers and national level course accreditation processes; promotes professional standards across the tertiary skills sector including teaching, capacity building, research and data collection; manages the overall budget for the tertiary education and skills sector, including scholarships, infrastructure grants and funding allocations, incentives and/or purchasing arrangements with national and international education and training providers; ensures budget and performance compliance and is accountable to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Office of the Auditor General.
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